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There are hundreds of types of silver products on the market today.  Most are ionic or colloidal preparations; few have been EPA or FDA approved.  Most work by chemical action, meaning that they must have direct contact with microbes to have any positive effect.  American Biotech Labs (ABL) has engineered a unique SilverSol Technology™.  This new technology works by catalytic action, not by chemical action.  Because of the action of this new SilverSol Technology™, ABL can achieve results that other silver products cannot match, while remaining completely family safe and non-toxic at the levels at which it is being used.  The potential applications of this technology are vast and far- reaching into many markets worldwide.  ABL’s product lines currently include dietary supplements, government approved hospital and home disinfectants and a new wound care product for animals.  A number of new products are also under development.


Ailments treated with Silver Biotics…

The patients were treated for a variety of ailments including: malaria, sinus problems, respiratory infections, conjunctivitis and vaginal infections.

Case Studied…

Over a one year period, the doctor’s case studied 120 patients and administered Silver Biotics. The doctors were amazed by the antibacterial effect of Silver Biotics on the people of Ghana. No failures were reported and most patients realized a full recovery within 1-7 days.

New hope for health…

The medical doctors believe that Silver Biotics is the beginning of a new life and new hope for the people in Ghana. So effective was Silver Biotics, the Ghana Government approved Silver Biotics as a homeopathic drug in September 2002. 

The Market…

The American people and the world are facing new health threats from super resistant strains of bacteria.  It is estimated that the US economy will lose over 100 billion dollars in 2003 due to harmful bacterial strains and super resistant bacteria.  The United States Government published several papers in 2002 stating that medical research regarding antibiotics have failed and super resistant bacteria have won the battle. The numbers of super resistant bacteria are growing and are making their way in to every possible facet of human existence. 

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