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Making Kombucha - The Basics


1-Kombucha Mushroom

1-cup of Kombucha Tea or (1/2 cup white distilled vinegar)

3-quarts distilled water

1-cup white granulated sugar

5-regular size black (tagless) tea bags

Utensils and materials

1-large plastic spoon

1-glass or plastic measuring cup

1- pot to boil water Revereware, stainless steel or

1- enamel pot (surface cannot be chipped or cracked)

Do Not Use - Aluminum

1-cover for fermentation container of linen, cotton, muslin or terrycloth. Tape, string, rubberband or wire to secure the cover.

1-glass or plastic container with lid (3 quarts) for tea storage in refrigerator.

1-large glass dish.

1-large plastic strainer

Fermentation Container

must be 3 quarts or larger

Use one of the following:

4 Quart Kombucha Power Fermenter Gold fish or Turtle bowl (wide mouth) Visionware oval roaster Rubbermaid or Tupperware

AVOID polyvinylchloride (PVC), polytyrene, lead crystal, ceramic and painted containers.


The working and fermenting area must be clean and free of food, fruit , dirty dishes, houseplant, pets, and tobacco smoke. Do Not Work in direct proximity of a microwave or air conditioner vent. Remove all jewelry from hands and wrists. Be sure hands are thoroughly washed.

1. Boil one quart distilled water.

2. Remove from heat and add 5 tea bags

3. Steep tea for 15 minutes

4. Remove and discard tea bags.

5. Add one cup of white granulated sugar stir until dissolved.

6. Pour mixture into Fermentation Container.

7. Add two remaining quarts of distilled water

8. Add one cup of Kombucha Tea or 1/2 cup Distilled white vinegar

9. Stir mixture.

10. Add the Kombucha Mushroom shiny side up. (light colored side)

11. Cover the Fermentation Container and secure cover with string, or tape.

12. Place the Fermentation Container out of direct sunlight - do not disturb or move for 8 - 12 days, depending on the temperature (or when pH is 3 or lower). The higher the room temperature, the faster the fermentation. The temperature of the tea should not be greater than 85 degrees nor cooler than 68 degrees . ( when room temp, is <70 consider using an electric belt heater, check our product list for details). The ideal tea temperature is 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

13. When fermentation is complete remove the baby mushroom which will be covering the opening of the

Fermentation Container the mother may be attached, if it is gently separated by pulling ( if it tears its ok) wash both and place them on a large dish.

14. Pour tea through plastic strainer into a container and place in the refrigerator.

15. Repeat step 1 to begin again. Comment: In the winter your baby mushroom may be thin, if so don't separate  use both mother and baby

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